Fjallraven – Backpack Review


The FjallravenKanken backpack is one of the most beloved backpacks by anyone who has ever owned one. Classic Kanken backpack made from tough Vinylon material with an easy zip opening to the main compartment. Removable padded seat pad, large front pocket, two adjustable straps and simple leather handle in the top. Fitted with the classic Velcro strap, these backpacks are easy to use, ensuring maximum comfort for years of wear.


A Kanken backpack has two main compartments: the main compartment is made from a breathable, durable foam called the PE Foam, which is designed to wick sweat away from the body and wick away moisture to keep you dry; the other compartment is made of a high density polyethylene foam core, which is a bit more resistant to abrasion and shock but still quite soft to the touch. The core of the pack has a number of pockets and zippers. This core also contains foam in strategic areas, which combine to provide additional comfort and padding for your back, waist and shoulders. The FjallravenKanken pack also features a padded top Velcro panel. This panel also adds a layer of protection to your FjallravenKanken backpack by reducing the chance that it will come off while you are carrying or using it.


The backpack has two adjustable straps and one large shoulder strap which will attach to the larger backpacks on your hips. The adjustable straps are there to ensure that your hands can rest easily on the handle of the backpack and you can maintain a proper posture without having to remove your hands to adjust the straps. The large shoulder strap is designed to support your arms and shoulders and is placed behind your back, where it is naturally held by your body’s natural curves. A harness holds the backpack firmly in place and prevents it from falling off your back. The harnesses used on smaller backpacks are often referred to hip belts.


Hip belts are not completely necessary but can make a significant difference in your ability to carry your backpack. Smaller backpacks have straps which attach either to your hips or your shoulders. Some backpack carriers allow you to add rings to these straps for better fit and ease of use. Backpack straps attached to the hips prevent your backpack from shifting around on you while you are walking, which can cause discomfort. Some carriers even include a second strap which attaches to the back of the waist or torso so that the backpack doesn’t hang down anywhere.


Another feature found on these cheap kanken backpacks are shoulder straps. These straps are typically reinforced nylon, and they provide a secure hold on your bag, preventing it from moving around on you while you are walking. Many people who use backpacks do so because they need extra room in their car or a short walk to a supermarket or other destination. A shoulder strap will allow you to easily carry your items without having to fight the bag.


The Kanken backpack has been modified and enhanced through the years, and they are a great bag to consider purchasing if you are looking for a quality backpack. The Kanken backpack offers two side pockets, and the interior is constructed of a tough nylon fabric that resists tears and dirt from traveling with your backpack. These nooks and crannies also offer a water-resistant surface that can be wiped clean very easily. If you like the appearance of a Kanken backpack without any of the bells and whistles, you can also choose one without the liner. For anyone who needs the best of all worlds in a backpack, the kanken backpack is a great choice.