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05 Beauty Products to Buy


The cosmetics world can seem frightening to someone who’s never had used them. But who are we kidding? Even kids these days have heard about the magical wonders of beauty products and cosmetics. You can ask any cosmetologist in Islamabad and he will tell you the same thing.

Taking care of your skin is the vital and golden rule before and after using any cosmetics. The better your skin is, the less you will need to use makeup, and the more amazing your outlook would be. If you don’t have good skin because you don’t take care of it, don’t expect miracles from a tube of foundation.

Studies show that cosmetics can damage the skin in the long run. So how can you use products long term while having good skin? So for you to achieve radiant skin even as you grow old, you need to invest in a great skincare routine that works for you and some skincare products that go with your skin type.


I once heard a dermatologist say that if you take care of your skin the right way the night before you don’t need to use a face wash or soap because it will dry your skin. So what to do when you want to get rid of all the grime and sweat of the day? You cleanse all the dirt away. Always choose the calming cleansers, not the aggressive ones. You can buy cleansers in a variety of ways including, foam, liquid, and gel. Cleansers can be oil-based or water-based.


Exfoliators are more aggressive than cleansers. But they can clean the deep dirt in the pores that are not removed by the cleansers. Exfoliators should only be sued twice or thrice a week. More than that and they might cause redness. Exfoliants can be physical like a chemical peel or they can be in the gel or cream form. Exfoliators usually have beaded ingredients like rice grains or papaya grains that not only smell nice but work nicely as well.

Face Serums

Whoever thought of introducing serums to the beauty market, sure did everyone a favor. Serums do work wonders for your skin. There is a serum available for every skin type as well as for every issue that you want to target. Such as serums for acne, for brightening your skin, for getting a radiant glow, and many more. Serums only add to the skin; they do not take away the natural goodness of the skin.

Face serums and face oils are somewhat similar but serums tend not to look greasy and slimy. Serums contain a concentrated form of the ingredients, so they work faster and penetrate the skin at a much deeper angle than any other product.


I cannot even begin to describe my love for them. Anyone who wants soft, supple skin should invest in a good moisturizer. And not just that moisturizers work more wonders than you can count. They actually keep all the moisture in the skin hence hydrating the skin and not letting it dry out. This helps to prevent dry skin and white patches on the face.

First, you need to find the right moisturizer for your skin, which can be a little bit tricky. But once you find the right one, it will all be worth it. You can find moisturizers with SPF, so you get dual working moisturizers that protect the skin from the sun as well prevent it from drying out. In the same tinted moisturizers are also available that can be used instead of a foundation.


You all should wear sunscreen. No arguments! SPF will protect you from UV rays, sun damage, dark spots appearing on the skin, and sometimes even from skin cancer. So think before passing the SPF aisle and not taking a second look. It can also prevent premature signs of aging including wrinkles. Choose the SPF based on the area you live in and what the climate surrounding you is like.

Don’t hesitate to spend that extra dollar on beauty products, because if you find the right products for you, it will be hard to go back to not using them.


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