EARN MONEY Organising a Quiz Night

Quiz nights can be a fantastic way of making some extra cash. Whether you want to increase the takings behind a bar (if you are a landlord) or desire to raise some money for your children’s school quiz nights are fairly simply to organise and can make a decent amount of money.

The more people you obtain, the more income you’ll make. Pretty simple, eh? Therefore, advertising is key. The way you go about this will be determined by the venue and your market. If you are planning on running it in an area pub obtain the landlord’s permission to put up some posters.

yoursite.com is to get contacts is put a large jar on the bar with a sign saying “Drop your business card in for your chance to win BIG prizes”. This will get a number of email addresses so that you can then email them with the details of your quiz, including needless to say, the BIG prizes you have mentioned…

If the quiz night will likely be held for a parents evening at a school, or directed at some other club or group of people then send out letters or flyers telling them concerning the evening and prizes.

Now, let`s say you’ve had a successful marketing campaign you will now want to write or buy a great quiz. If you have the time you can create your personal quiz, but lots of people don’t have the time or inclination for this so the other option is to purchase a professional quiz pack online. There are lots to choose from and can be of a higher quality than if you tried to create your personal.

If you do want to write your own quiz pack you then must maintain these rules: Include questions from different generations in order never to exclude people. Don’t make the questions too hard or too easy. Make the questions interesting. If someone doesn’t know the solution to the question but wants to know, this is usually a sign of a good question.

Some people will come along just for the challenge of the quiz, but good prizes will only help the popularity of the quiz night. In case you are holding the quiz in a pub you may well be in a position to persuade the landlord to provide the winners some free drinks (in the end, your quiz is bringing him a lot of extra trade!). If the quiz is to raise money for a school or charity make an effort to get prizes donated. If all else fails, you could provide a cash prize, but this can probably come out of the gains.

Just how much can a quiz night make? Well it isn’t rocket science – the more people you have the more you make. Let`s say you have 50 people in the quiz, each paying a �3 entrance fee. That’s �150 immediately. If you are who owns the pub you may also get twice the standard takings behind the bar.

When you have hired a hall out or its being in a school hall you could then start selling beverages, snacks and chocolate bars. That 50 people will probably spend between �2-�5 each, leading to an extra �100-�250.

The bottom line is that you could make anything from �150 to �400 from the single night, which is assuming you only get 50 people arriving. Double the quantity of people taking part and you could double your takings. So get 100 people there and you could make �800! Very good for

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