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Scenarios Wherein a Car Insurance Claim Might Get Rejected

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The law requires every motor vehicle on the road to be covered by an updated ทำประกันรถยนต์ policy. This is for the benefit of the car owner and others who are on the road; it helps mitigate risks such as accidents.

Sometimes when one claims to be compensated for risk, through what is referred to as a claim, they get turned down. This is caused by the following irregularities;

For starters, if you had insured your private car and it gets involved in an accident when being used for commercial purposes the insurer might decide not to step in. A car can either get a private cover or a commercial cover for its appropriate usage, otherwise, the claim is judged as invalid.

When a risk occurs and the insurer is informed late or sometimes not informed at all. This makes the insurer to be suspicious as to whether you are being honest or not. It is required that risk or accident is reported within a certain time interval for it to be accepted.

Drunken driving is another factor that will certainly lead to the claim being rejected. This is because it is illegal and most probably will lead to accidents and damage to property.

The claim on the policy can also be rejected if the person driving is found not to be eligible to drive. This is similar to going against the terms and conditions of the policy.

Irregularity in transferring the policy might also lead to the rejection of a claim. For instance, if it is discovered that it was not transferred legally from the original car owner by the time the accident occurs.

If the issue with the car is found to be either electrical or mechanical, and not caused by an accident involving another car then it probably won’t be compensated.

The insurer may also fail to honor the agreement if you begin performing repairs before they do their own check-up. Most insurance dictates that they check the condition of the car and advice before any action is taken. They might also come with their own mechanic.

Most of the above are in the policy, it is, therefore, important to go through the policy and understanding the terms and conditions.

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