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Things that can cause heartbreak in a relationship

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Being heartbroken by the person you love is painful. It might force you to become someone you are not and can also make you neglect important things in your life, such as work and family. However, regardless of the kind of Heartbreak pain you experience, loving again is possible.

It is important to understand that getting heartbroken is inevitable in any relationship, and it’s equally important to be aware of the things that can cause the heartbreak. They include:

Unmet expectations

Most people get into relationships hoping that it is a land of milk and honey only to be disappointed by reality. You may get into a relationship hoping that you will be loved, enjoy happiness, secure and safe, but when these expectations are not met, you are bound to be heartbroken.


Any form of deception in a relationship can cause serious heartbreaks. You expect your partner to be faithful to you, but they end up cheating on you which hurts to the core.


Life is dynamic, and things, as well as people, are bound to change. Your loving, kind, and affectionate partner may suddenly turn into an inconsiderate and cold person. In such cases, it is most likely going to hurt you so much if the relationship ends because of the changes.


It can hurt so bad if your partner fears to take the next step of marriage with you while you are already invested in getting married. You should be careful so that you do not stay in a relationship with someone for many years yet they have no plans of getting married to you.

Ask questions for understanding

Assuming things and drawing conclusions in a relationship can cause a pretty bad heartbreak. If you are not certain of what’s happening, ask your parent for an explanation. Asking questions and answering them honestly when asked is vital for a healthy relationship.

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