You’ve Got Your Exam Outcomes – What Now?

This is decision time. You have identified out your exam final results and it’s now a essential moment in your life as you contemplate which way these outcomes will take you. What does this mean you can do? What are the options in front of you?

How clear are you about what to do next? The lucky ones will have a vocation in thoughts. It is unlikely that this will just land on you. Extra typically this is anything that has been in your thoughts for years – possibly considering the fact that you have been pretty young. It will have been a key drive for you all through your research as you will have identified what standards have been expected to realise your goal. This is a compact minority of students though.

For most, the selections are there and the uncertainties about what routes to take need to be decided upon.

If you are unsure about what route to take, you have two selections. waec runs , stay in the education method and keep studying or second decision, go out into the labour market place and start out experimenting with profession opportunities.

If you continue to study, be certain to stick to a course and to subjects that you delight in. Your studying will be extra enjoyable and much easier. You will discover that as your studies continue, you will increasingly be able to see the areas of your broad topic location that you find a lot more intriguing and enjoyable. Seek far more exposure in these areas – do far more projects in those fields and locate relevant holiday operate also. You will build a superior knowledge base and a a lot more impressive back story for any future employment.

If you go out to work, recognise that it is going to be hard and it will take you time to obtain what career you seriously want. That is OK though. Maintain at it and maintain moving to obtain knowledge (even if you at times are not effectively paid or not paid at all).

You have selections and you have options. You also have the realities of life. Can I afford not to work? Can I afford to go to university where I am probably to incur high debt? Is that what I want to do…now?

If you determine to go to university, is a gap year going to be beneficial? Gap years can be extremely helpful but they do not suit absolutely everyone. How clear are you about what you would use a gap year to do? What outcomes do you want from it? If it is going to be one particular extended vacation, that is fine but does that fit your program and can you afford it?

So many inquiries and so a great deal option! Take into consideration your alternatives. Apply the rigour of a reality verify. If in doubt, and if you have the talent, keep a student. You will continue to find out and you can watch the planet from the security of your institution recognizing that you can operate on what to do when you get out and come to be an economic worker.

Simon North is the founder of Position Ignition – a modern day day, very personal careers advisory service for specialists. Simon is a profession and transition expert with over 25 years experience in helping folks with their careers. He makes use of his exceptional strategy to help folks with their individual and experienced improvement.

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